Crew Age Divisions

Junior: Ages seven (7) to twelve (12)
Varsity: Ages thirteen (13) to seventeen (17)
Adult: Ages eighteen (18) and older

A 12-year-old turning 13 within the competition year (by December 31st) may compete in the Junior or Varsity division. Likewise a 17-year-old turning 18 within the competition year (by December 31st) can compete as a Varsity or Adult.

MegaCrew Age Division

There are no age restrictions – all ages may participate within a MegaCrew.


A crew’s competition music must be recorded on a CD or USB flash drive and be the only piece of music recorded on the CD (unless specified differently by the event organizer).


Category Members Age Music Length
Junior 5 - 9 7 - 12 years 1 min 30 sec +/- 5 seconds
Varsity 5 - 9 13 - 17 years 2 min +/- 5 seconds
Adult 5 - 9 18 years and older 2 min +/- 5 seconds
MegaCrew 15 - 40 All ages 3 min 30 sec +/- 30 seconds

The above is just a brief overview of the crew member, age & music requirements. Please refer to the official regulations for the complete explanation of the rules and regulations.

If you have any questions in regard to the regulations please contact us.